Friday, August 21, 2009

Samurai - Samurai (1971)

Samurai was previously known as Web. Once Web became Samurai, the band was no longer recording for Polydor, but for a far more obscure label, Greenwich. This is early '70s, where many progressive rock bands were still making song-based material, and Samurai was one of them. In fact, I really think the reason progressive rock got such a bad reputation later on was many people felt too many bands abandoned writing great songs in place of showing off their instrumental abilities and how complex they can make their music.
Samurai is truly another great, lost gem of early British progressive rock. I really like the jazzy feel that goes with it, and this is one progressive rock album you can't call "pretentious" (and we all know every prog rock detractor out there calls this kind of music "pretentious"). It's nothing but a collection of great songs with interesting use of instruments (organ, wind instruments, and the way the vibraphone is integrated in the music, rather than using it during jazzy solos like many other bands did at the time). I really highly recommend this album!

Track Listing...
1. Saving It Up For So Long
2. More Rain
3. Maudie James
4. Holy Padlock
5. Give A Little Love
6. Face In The Mirror
7. As I Dried The Tears Away
Bonus Tracks:
8. Give A Little Love (Live)
9. Holy Padlock (Live)
10. More Rain (Live)
11. Concerto For Bedsprings (Live)
12. Love You (Live)


  1. Hello and Thank you very much for this album! This is truly a lost gem.But i happen to have this by a re-issue from Akarma :D in fact i was just listening to this one and i searched and it got me here. Great blog you have here and many interesting things. i just started one myself a week ago and was going to post this album.Thanks for this one though! haven't listen to the live versions for years now. :D

  2. Link no longer working could you repost?