Monday, August 10, 2009

Speed, Glue and Shinki - Eve (1971)

Created by famous Japanese producer Ikuzo Orita, Speed, Glue & Shinki were a Japanese supergroup made up of Shinki Chen (ex-Powerhouse and Foodbrain) on guitar, Masayoshi Kabe (ex-Golden Cups) on bass and Filipino Joseph 'Pepe' Smith (ex-Zero History) on vocals and drums. The resulting sound was extremely bleak and raw, with Kabe's crunching atonal bass runs and Smith's stop-start rhythms creating a unique base for Shinki Chen's euphoric blues.

Track Listing...
01 Mr. Walking Drugstore Man
02 Big Headed Woman
03 Stoned Out Of My Mind
04 Ode To The Bad People
05 A) M Glue
06 B) Keep It Cool
07 Someday We'll All Fall Down

Leaf Hound - Growers Of Mushroom (1971)

Here we've, one of the most influential bands ever (in my opinion), pickin' up the inevitable 70's hard sound, but joining it with some heavy shit, groovie bass lines, whatever.. I'm not going to say that we've here another 70's sound-alike band, we've something completely alternative, but at the same time, integrated on the time era.

This band helped shape a lot of today's band sound, all the american hard-rock underground scene is afected by these fellas, and others like the Groundhogs. If you dont have this, dont miss it.
1. Freelance Fiend
2. Sad Road to the Sea
3. Drowned My Life in Fear
4. Work My Body
5. Stray
6. With a Minute to Go
7. Growers of Mushroom
8. Stagnant Pool
9. Sawdust Ceasar
10. It's Going to Get Better (Single B-Side)
11. Hip Shaker
12. Too Many Rock'n'Roll Times

Moses - Changes (1971)

Hailing from Denmark, this three piece recorded this ultra rare album in 1971. An impressive rock sound, with some fiery lead guitar breaks and high levels of energy make this well worth investigating.

Track Listing ....
1. Changes
2. I'm Coming Home
3. Everything Is Changed
4. Beginning
5. Skaev
6. Warning

Dark - Round The Edges (1971)

Fuzzy and fairly heavy for its time(early 70's),here's another proto-metal must have! I'd also consider this proto-Prog as well,in respect to the (for the time) ambitious arrangements - I'd wager that the guys in Opeth have a copy of this in their collections!If your bag is obscure early 70's hard rock,i'd say you need a copy for yours too.

Track Listing...
1. Darkside
2. Maypole
3. Live For Today
4. R.C.8
5. Cat
6. Zero Time
7. In The Sky
8. Wasting Your Time
9. Could Have Sworn
10. Matpole

The Modern Lovers - The Modern Lovers (1977)

I'm a man of many words, yet this album leaves me speechless. I discovered it over 15 years ago, when I learned that Road Runner as performed by the Sex Pistols and Pablo Picasso as performed by the Burning Sensations were written by the same person. I wasn't prepared for the emotional honesty from The Modern Lovers, it was unlike anything I had ever heard before. Jonathan Richman sang about the things he loved: old buildings, art, neon signs, girls, and of course, driving down the highway with the radio on. It changed my life, hearing that record. I no longer saw rebellion as a reaction to norms, but as positive steps toward an independent future. To sum up this album by it's intellectual and spiritual impact sell it short. This album is a raw, ragged album, that sounds way ahead of it's time. "I'm Straight" is so upfront and naked, it makes Morrisey and his ilk seem like guarded, cranky souls. There aren't many albums that can have as much an impact as this one. If you don't own it, you're missing out on one of the true unheralded classics of rock and roll. Listen; and fly into the mystery.

Track Listing....
01 - Roadrunner. 4:07
02 - Astral plane. 3:01
03 - Old world. 4:04
04 - Pablo Picasso. 4:22
05 - I'm straight. 4:18
06 - Dignified and old. 2:29
07 - She cracked. 2:56
08 - Hospital. 5:35
09 - Someone I care about. 3:39
10 - Girl friend. 3:55
11 - Modern world. 3:44
12 - Government center. 2:03

Jane - Together (1972)

This debut album from this German band has very passionate and sincere music on it. The influences of blues and organ driven harder rock are treated in a psychedelic manner, and the result should please the fans of krautrock. My favorite tracks are the slow, bluesy opener and the very impressionistic song "Spain". Also the surrealistic covers of this album are very pretty, and I have seen two quite similar versions of it. I have understood, that the other albums by this band should be approached with a caution, as they do not share the style of this.

Track Listing....
1. Daytime (8:05)
2. Wind (4:52)
3. Try to find (5:24)
4. Spain (11:53)
5. Together (3:43)
6. Hangman (9:58)

Stray - Stray (1970)

Stray are a British band formed in 1966. Vocalist Steve Gadd (born 27 April 1952, Shepherd's Bush, London), guitarist Del Bromham (born Derek Roy Bromham, 25 May 1951, in Acton, London) (ex Tradera), bass player Gary Giles (born Gary Stephen Giles, 23 February 1952, in London) and drummer Steve Crutchley (born c 1952) formed the band whilst all were attending the Christopher Wren School in London. Richard "Ritchie" Cole (born 10 November 1951, in London) replaced Crutchley in 1968. They signed to Transatlantic Records in January 1970.
The group's brand of melodic, hook-laden hard rock proved to be a popular draw on the local club scene during the early 1970s. However the band did not have commercial success with its record releases. At one stage Charlie Kray (brother of the Kray twins Ronnie and Reggie), was their manager. Gadd left the band in 1975 due to artistic differences and was replaced on vocals by Pete Dyer.
The original Stray finally dissolved in 1977, although Bromham later continued to play in various resurrected versions of the project well into the 2000s.
There are two Iron Maiden connections to Stray. The early song "All in Your Mind" from the Stray 1970 debut album was covered by Maiden, and Maiden bassist Steve Harris's daughter has covered "Come On Over".
Track List

01. All In Your Mind
02. Taking All The Good Things
03. Around The World In Eighty Days
04. Time Machine
05. Only What You Can Make It
06. Yesterday’s Promises
07. Move On
08. In Reverse/Some Say
09. Change You Mind
10. The Man Who Paints The Pictures
11. In The Night
12. Outcast
13. All In Your Mind (Single Version)

Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Heavy (1970)

Pittsburgh power trio Fresh Blueberry Pancake formed in 1968, comprising singer/bassist Tony Impavido, guitarist John Behrens, and drummer Geoff Rydell. After two years of local gigging, the group built up enough of a fan base and enough original material to record a demo tape, and in 1970 they self-released Heavy -- issued in a pressing of just 54 copies, the record is now much sought-after among collectors of plodding, monolithic acid rock. (The Shadoks label reissued Heavy in 2003.) After the album's release the group abbreviated its name to Pancake, dissolving in 1972.

Track Listing.....
01 Hasless
02 Being In Town
03 Clown On A Rope
04 Bad Boys Turns Good
05 I Call Him Lord
06 Down On The Farm
07 Where's The Sun
08 Sleep Bound
09 Stranded

T2 - It'll All Work out in Boomland (1970)

2008 digitally remastered and expanded reissue of this album featuring three 1970 BBC sessions as bonus tracks. The rise of power trio T2 in 1970 was rapid as they made appearances at virtually every major venue in London. Then their debut album was released; they seemed poised for a breakthrough. As the band recalled, they were playing the Marquee club, with John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix hanging out backstage, which was all to the good. But people were coming forward saying, "we can't find your album anywhere." In short order, the band fell apart. Still, their sole Decca album has become well established as an all-time classic amongst Progressive and Psychedelic music collectors-even the Techno and DJ crowds. The fact that it has done so without hype is a testament to the innate quality of the music. The album is packed with melodic acoustic passages, frenzied fuzz guitar workouts, not to mention acid-trip induced lyrical and musical content. It is, in every way, an extraordinary album, one of Rock music's best kept secrets, on a par with all the other major works that form the rock music canon of the time.

Track Listing....
1. In Circles
2. J.L.T.
3. No More White Horses
4. Morning
5. Questions and Answers [*]
6. CD [*]
7. In Circles [*]

Charlee - Charlee (1972)

Track Listing...
1. Wizzard
2. Lord Knows I've Won
3. Just You And Me
4. Way To Die
5. Let's Keep Silent
6. Wheel Of Fortune Turning
7. It Isn't The First Time
8. Let's Keep Silent

Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come (1970)

Oh sure we all know the Black Sabbath are the kings of metal but it's usually just sludge fest after sludge fest with real hyper-tension. Wait till you hear these guys! Sir Lord Baltimore was one of the heaviest of all early metal bands. Don't get me doesn't completely sound like the latter day metal of Iron Maiden or Judas Priest but this is definitely hard hitting stuff for 1970-1971...Sir Lord Baltimore was ahead of the times!!!!
Track Listing....
1. Master Heartache 4:35
2. Hard Rain Fallin' 2:54
3. Lady of Fire 2:51
4. Lake Isle of Innersfree 4:01
5. Pumped Up 4:05
6. Kingdom Come 6:34
7. I Got a Woman 2:59
8. Hell Hound 3:18
9. Helium Head (I Got a Love) 4:00
10. Ain't Got Hung Around 2:21

Buffalo - Volcanic Rock (1973)

One of the great lost classic Australian LP's from the 1970's is Buffalo's 2nd. LP: Volcanic Rock - one of the band's greatest records and essentially the first stoner rock album ever issued in Australia. The importance of Volcanic Rock can never be underestimated. This is the album that established the band's reputation for dispensing uncompromising heavy psych rock of monumental proportions; this is the album that continues to enthral aficionados of the genre the world over. It was this LP that established the classic line-up of: vocalist Dave Tice (who later joined UK R&B band The Count Bishops), guitarist John Baxter, bass player Pete Wells (who later switched to slide guitar in another legendary Aussie band: Rose Tattoo), and drummer Jimmy Economou.

Track Listing...
01.Sunrise (Come My Way)
03.Till My Death
04.The Prophet
05.Pound Of Flesh...Shylock
07.Sad Song
08.Just a Little Rock and Roll
09.No Particular Place to Go
10.Barbershop Rock

JPT Scare Band - Sleeping Sickness (1973)

A posthumous document of a virtually unknown band from Kansas City, Missouri, culled from recordings made between 1973 and 1976. (J)eff Litrell, (P)aul Grigsby, and (T)erry Swope were a power trio to the fullest extent of the term (a la Blue Cheer, Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience). This CD (73 minutes) contains the original uncut versions of songs that first appeared on the limited edition vinyl only "Acid Acetate Excursion" and "Rape of Titan's Sirens". The guitar is firmly planted in the spotlight, almost non-stop solos with a few exceptions, including the infrequent use of vocals (Terry Swope serving double duty as GUITAR GOD and singer). Not for the weak, I almost think this should have been packaged with a warning label: THIS ALBUM MAY CAUSE SERIOUS MUSCLE STRAIN DUE TO UNCONTROLLABLE FITS OF AIR GUITAR. USE WITH CAUTION. If history had unfolded differently, or had they hooked up with a proper label at the time, there would definitely be another guitar hero honored in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Track Listing....
1. Sleeping Sickness
2. Slow Sick Shuffle
3. King Rat
4. It's Too Late
5. Acid Acetate Excursion
6. I've Been Waiting

7. Time to Cry