Sunday, August 16, 2009

Short Cross - Arising (1970)

I just listened to the album Arising by Short Cross the other day. I'm really impressed by this boogie rock outfit, considering that these guys were only in their teens when they recorded this album. It was a low budget recording from a small label, but these guys really rocked! Some of the tracks that stand out are, Nothin' but a woman, Wastin' Time, Suicide Blues, Just don't care, On my own, Till we reach the sun, That's her train and Before it rains. I really recommend this album for all 70's boogie rock fans. It's truly a rare gem.

Track Listing...
1. Nothin' But a Woman
2. Wastin' Time
3. Suicide Blues
4. Just Don't Care
5. On My Own
6. Till We Reach the Sun
7. Ellen
8. Hobo Love Song
9. On My Own [Stereo Mix]
10. Marching off to War [Stereo Mix]
11. That's Her Train [#]
12. Bomb [Unfinished Demo]
13. Before It Rains [Unfinished Demo]

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