Monday, August 10, 2009

Dark - Round The Edges (1971)

Fuzzy and fairly heavy for its time(early 70's),here's another proto-metal must have! I'd also consider this proto-Prog as well,in respect to the (for the time) ambitious arrangements - I'd wager that the guys in Opeth have a copy of this in their collections!If your bag is obscure early 70's hard rock,i'd say you need a copy for yours too.

Track Listing...
1. Darkside
2. Maypole
3. Live For Today
4. R.C.8
5. Cat
6. Zero Time
7. In The Sky
8. Wasting Your Time
9. Could Have Sworn
10. Matpole

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  1. Man, I love your blog, it's giving me access to music I've been searching for. However, couple of minor things. I've been unable to download anything from Rapidshare, it always comes up as deleted either by the owner or due to inactivity. Is there any way those titles could be uploaded to Megauploads or Hotfile? Also, are you still maintaining the blog, I noticed there's been no activity since Aug. 09. You can reply to me at: