Monday, August 10, 2009

JPT Scare Band - Sleeping Sickness (1973)

A posthumous document of a virtually unknown band from Kansas City, Missouri, culled from recordings made between 1973 and 1976. (J)eff Litrell, (P)aul Grigsby, and (T)erry Swope were a power trio to the fullest extent of the term (a la Blue Cheer, Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience). This CD (73 minutes) contains the original uncut versions of songs that first appeared on the limited edition vinyl only "Acid Acetate Excursion" and "Rape of Titan's Sirens". The guitar is firmly planted in the spotlight, almost non-stop solos with a few exceptions, including the infrequent use of vocals (Terry Swope serving double duty as GUITAR GOD and singer). Not for the weak, I almost think this should have been packaged with a warning label: THIS ALBUM MAY CAUSE SERIOUS MUSCLE STRAIN DUE TO UNCONTROLLABLE FITS OF AIR GUITAR. USE WITH CAUTION. If history had unfolded differently, or had they hooked up with a proper label at the time, there would definitely be another guitar hero honored in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Track Listing....
1. Sleeping Sickness
2. Slow Sick Shuffle
3. King Rat
4. It's Too Late
5. Acid Acetate Excursion
6. I've Been Waiting

7. Time to Cry

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  1. thanks for the post...great band from the past