Monday, August 10, 2009

Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Heavy (1970)

Pittsburgh power trio Fresh Blueberry Pancake formed in 1968, comprising singer/bassist Tony Impavido, guitarist John Behrens, and drummer Geoff Rydell. After two years of local gigging, the group built up enough of a fan base and enough original material to record a demo tape, and in 1970 they self-released Heavy -- issued in a pressing of just 54 copies, the record is now much sought-after among collectors of plodding, monolithic acid rock. (The Shadoks label reissued Heavy in 2003.) After the album's release the group abbreviated its name to Pancake, dissolving in 1972.

Track Listing.....
01 Hasless
02 Being In Town
03 Clown On A Rope
04 Bad Boys Turns Good
05 I Call Him Lord
06 Down On The Farm
07 Where's The Sun
08 Sleep Bound
09 Stranded

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