Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3/3 - Sanbun No San (1975)

Japanese power trio 3/3 made this gritty blues-flavored rock album around 1975. I keep hearing that this band is considered to have had a large influence on Japanese punk and no-wave and psyche-rock; maybe so, but as much as I like this record, it doesn’t strike me as being particularly groundbreaking; much of it, for example, recalls Jimi Hendrix, which I’m not at all saying is a bad thing. The boys do crank the energy level up in a few places to a nearly Damned-like thrash, and yes they were probably ahead of the curve on that one; in 1975, punk rock hadn’t seriously broken out yet, but listening to this record you might think it had. The final song is laid-back, relatively speaking, with a gentle guitar intro. A muddy recorded sound on this release but screw that; this record rocks and is a total gas to listen to. Reissue edition of 300 copies. Originally released on LP in an extremely limited edition of 15 copies.
Track Listing...
1. Machine Song
2. Jump
3. Always
4. In A Cloud
5. Fly
6. Open A Window
7. Let It Flow


  1. does anyone know if there's a link where I can download this, all the ones I find are either broken or non-existent.

  2. The Sussex Orgon...the link is okay just click the Title 3/3- sanbun no san and it will bring you to http://www.link-protector.com/x-158107...enjoy :D