Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Three Man Army - Third of a Lifetime (1971)

Guitarist brothers, Adrian and Paul Gurvitz, formerly of GUN, later of THE BAKER/GURVITZ ARMY, ( with drums God, Ginger Baker,) make a not-surprisingly guitar-ecentric album of surprisingly fresh hard rock from 1971, full of riffs, hooks, and variation. More upbeat and sharp than overly heavy, but still a great hard-rock CD. This is quite the album. After hearing the great playing and super tunes on this disc, it makes you wonder what became of the brothers Gurvitz.
Track Listing...
01.Butter Queen
03.Another Day
04.One Third of a Lifetime
05.Nice One
06.What's My Name
07.Three Man Army
08.See What I Took

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