Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aeroblus - Aeroblus (1977)

Aeroblus is a legendary power trio that joined Argentinian musicians Pappo Napolitano and Alejandro Medina (Manal, Billy Bond y La Pesada) to Brazilian drummer Rolando Castello Jr. (Patrulha do Espaço). Considered the greatest south american power trio, the band formed when Pappo and Medina, who were living at a site in Campo Limpo Paulista, invited Junior to make a jam.
The group moved to Buenos Aires, where recorded his first and only album, with the same name of the band. All tracks is most heavier than Pappo was developing with Pappo´s Blues, with great guitar riffs and inspired solos, and a great work of Medina and Junior. My favorite songs are "Vamos a Busca la Luz", "Completamente Nervioso", "Arboles Difusores" (with a amazing performance of Junior, one of the best Latin America drummers of all times), "Vendriamos a Buscar", "Sofisticuatro" and "Buen Tiempo". In Pappo´s career, Aeroblus marks the transition between the hard and blues rock of Pappo´s Blues and the heavy metal of Riff, band that Pappo formed in the 80´s.

The original issue in vinyl is extremely difficult to find, but Universal relaunched the album on CD in 2006, in a beautiful digipack package.

Track Listing...
01.Vamos a Buscar la Luz
02.Completamente Nervioso
03.Tema Solisimo
04.Arboles Difusores
05.Vendriamos a Buscar
06.Aire en Movimiento
07.Vine Cruzando el Mar
08.Nada Estoy Sabiendo
10.Buen Tiempo

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