Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blue Mountain Eagle - Blue Mountain Eagle (1970)

This superb collection of acid-influenced guitar rock originally appeared in 1970 and has languished in underserved obscurity ever since. Produced in L.A. by legendary engineer Bill Halverson (Crosby, Stills & Nash, Cream, the Grateful Dead), it's heavily imbued with West Coast influences and features superb musical interplay throughout. The band supported acts including Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, but proved sadly short-lived. The album makes its long-awaited CD debut here, complete with both mixes of their sole non-LP 45, making it an obligatory purchase for all devotees of U.S. psychedelia.
Track Listing...
01.Love Is Here (04:25)
02.Yellow's Dream (02:48)
03.Feel Like A Bandit (03:05)
04.Troubles (03:08)
05.Loveless Lives (03:33)
06.No Regrets (04:12)
07.Winding Your String (02:56)
08.Sweet Mama (04:18)
09.Promise Of Love (03:03)
10.Trivial Sum (03:15)
Bonus Tracks:
11.Marianne (Stereo) (02:32)
12.Marianne (Mono) (02:27)

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