Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jericho - Jericho (1972)

Jericho evolved from Jericho Jones which evolved from the Churchills. What sets this version apart from the others is it's much more of a progressive album with heavy undertones throughout."Kill Me With Your Love" is an epic proto-metal song that should be on any classic rock fan's list. "Don't You Let Me Down" is another straightforward rocker. The rest of the songs are not quite as good, but the album is still worth hearing, and if you can track it down do so.Classic hard-rock album highlighted by the jammy proto-metal monster "Kill me with your love" and beautiful ballad "Justin and Nova" which benefits from a tasty string arrangement. If I'm pressed to throw away all the heavy rock CDs in my collection and leave just one, this might well be it.Damn tempted to give this a four, but the band seemed a little confused on what their "sound" is. Some way heavy pieces, a big jam, prog etc. Kind of like a cross between Captain Beyond, Santana, The Who and a prog band. Not worth a couple hundred bucks but damn fine. From Israel.
Here are 5 stars necessary. One of the best records of 1972, perhaps the best. Hardrock from Israel. I cannot believe, which power they play and the voice is astounding.
Track Listing...
1. Ethiopia
2. Don't You Let Me Down
3. Featherbed
4. Justin and Nova
5. Kill Me With Your Love

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  1. I think one of the classic's.Have had the vinyl forever and recently found the cd. Thanks for a great site. Clive South Africa