Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peacepipe - Peacepipe (1970)

Long awaited official reissue of this blistering late '60's US acid rock mind blower. Originally reissued on Rockadelic a few years back (one of the label's best known and rarest releases) here it is in digital glory with cool photos, detailed liner notes and bonus tracks.
Stunning tripped out guitar based psych with ripping acid wah-wah lead guitars, distortion, swirling keyboards and stoned lyrics. Turn it up to 13 and trip out. Fantastic!
Track Listing...
01. Sea of Nightmares
02. Angel of Love
03. I Can Never Take Your Dreams Away
04. Carry on Together
05. Bikers Tune
06. Open Your Mind
07. Day the War Has Ended
08. Love Shines
09. Keep a Smilin' Cari
10. Sun Won't Shine Forever
11. Lazy River Blues

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