Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Betty - Handful (1971)

formed in the early 70's, in Los Angeles, California. Not to be confused with New York-based vocal group with the same name, althought they have had a great popularity throught in the californian music scene, Betty never was a big band, as much that its original album sold only 200 copies around USA. Your sound reminds a mix of the psychedelic sound from The Doors with the heavy boogie rock from Canned Heat, with bluesy vocals and hard-fuzzy guitars.

Track Listing...
01 - Boogie With You
02 - Blind With Shame
03 - Just For Fun
04 - High Rollin' On The Freeway
05 - River Bummin'
06 - Handful (of Love)
07 - Thank You
08 - Learn How To Boogie
09 - Harley Perdoo
10 - Lights Gonna Shine


  1. Kerry Kanbara,

    All of the band members are alive and doing well. Most are grandparents and retiered. The band was a local garage band from Altadena, Ca. We cut the album in one evening as we were given some freel studio time. The goal was not to sell the copies, but to give them to friends and family. I still get it out to play.

    We had a great time with it and made many life long friends. Our kids will have a copy to keep.

    Anthon is a cabnet maker, Mike owns a plumbing company, Al owns a furniture copany and I am in international trading.

    If anyone wants to contact me, will do the trick.

  2. We had a great time with the band. we are all in our 60's now and have lived successful lives.

    Kerry Kanbara