Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Maypole - The Real (1970)

Maryland's Maypole, whose sole album, The Real, was recorded in three days, July 1970, and released in early 1971, shortly before their label folded, dooming the album to stillborn status commercially at the time, and collector want list status today. The LP is an ambitious, 50-minute feast of tight harmonies, powerful arrangements, fluid improvisation, and flat out great songs, and serves as a touchstone for twin guitar-driven, West Coast-styled psychedelia, soaring power pop, and blistering hard rock -- some even call it prog -- everyone wants a piece of the Great One. If you've been looking for an LP to complete an imaginary trilogy with S.F. Sorrow and Parachute, then this is your tonic. The stature of Maypole has been muddied by the previous CD reissues, but this LP edition gets it right. Featuring state of the art remastering and pressing, a high quality full color 'tip on' jacket featuring original artwork, and a full color insert loaded with lyrics, photos, and complete historical notes by Maypole founder, Dennis Tobell, this is the closest to 'classic psychedelia' Anopheles Records has delved in to date, and we're glad we didn't settle for something second rate -- Maypole is The Real."

Tracks :

1. Glance At The Past
2. Show Me The Way
3. Henry Stared
4. Change Places
5. Under A Wave
6. Look At Me
7. Johnny
8. Come Back
9. You Were
10. In The Beginning
11. Dozy World
12. Stand Alone

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