Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Budgie - Nightflight (1981)

The second to last album from these squawky Welsh birds, finds them in a different mood than on Power Supply. Fewer AC/DCish chords, and better song ideas overall makes it an improvement over it's predecessor (personally, Power Supply has always been my least favorite Budgie album) Lots of huge heavy drums courtesy of Steve williams even though most of the tracks are "lighter" and the heavy ones I find the most dissapointing. Superstar is mere filler, She Used Me up almost hits the mark. The ballad Apparatus gave them a minor hit in the U.K. (one of VERY VERY few!) and opener I Turned To Stone uses a great light-heavy-light-heavy mid paced song structure with a galloping guitar solo laden outro, and is one of my favorite tracks from the 80's era of Budgie. I tip my hat to these batty birds, I can't imagine ever getting really SICK of their music, and I don't blame them for giving up when they did. Things change, music changes, and Budgie just didn't fit the mold of pop music at the time, nor did they ever. Listen, learn, and buy all their damn albums if you don't have them already!
Track Listing...
1.I Turned To Stone
2.Keeping A Rendezvous
3.Reaper Of The Glory
4.She Used Me Up
5.Don't Lay Down And Die
8.Change Your Ways
9.Untitled Lullaby

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