Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thundertree - Thundertree (1970)

A Minneapolis band whose album transgresses psychedelia and progressivism.Musically their 70s album was pretty impressive. Featuring all original material, tracks such as the side long suite "1225" which powered by Hallquist's solo, starts out like a ton of bricks."Head Embers", "Summertime Children" and "In the Morning" (the latter including a great fuzz guitar solo), offered up an attractive mix of psych and more rock oriented moves.It's now becoming a minor collectable and is hard to find.

Track Listing...
1. Head Embers
2. At the Top of the Stairs
3. Summertime Children
4. In the Morning
5. Dusty Road
6. Alone Am I
7. Softly
8. I Travel Along
9. Not Well Liked
10. With a Tailored Image
11. Sun Is Shinin' for Me

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