Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dragonfly -Dragonfly (1970)

This group was originally from Colorado, and their one and only album is a very good underrated psychedelic classic, recorded back in 1968 in Los Angeles. They sometimes have a sound similar to several groups of that era, a little bit of Iron Butterfly and perhaps Cream, and even at times The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Blue Cheer.
The guitar playing is excellent "acid-psych" all the way, and it gets very heavy at times.
Although this album is not that long, it's a very good album and should be heard for fans of classic 60's hard rock or psychedelic rock. I would highly recommend this.

Track Listing...
1. Blue Monday
2. Enjoy Yourself
3. Hootchie Kootchie Man
4. I Feel It
5. Trombodo
6. Portrait of Youth
7. Crazy Woman
8. She Don't Care
9. Time Has Slipped Away
10. To Be Free
11. Darlin'
12. Miles Away

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