Friday, August 14, 2009

Geronimo Black - Geronimo Black (1972)

Their first album was produced by Keith Olsen (the former Music Machine/Millennium member) and should particularly interest the Zappa and Captain Beefheart fans. Musically it mixes blues (Low Ridin' Man), instrumental tracks (Siesta, Quaker's Earthquake) and rock tracks (Other Man, L.A. County Jail 59, Let Us Live); its high point being An American National Anthem written by Black about the Indian killings ("Indian Land is stolen, 52 million dead, each one's head is scalped by a trick taught by white man hunters coming over the land"). The lyrics and musicianship are both really strong. Buzz Gardner, Murray Roman and a small string section also played on this underrated album.

Track Listing...
1. Low Ridin' Man
2. Siesta
3. Other Man
4. La County Jail
5. Let Us Live
6. Bullwhip
7. Quaker's Earthquake
8. Gone
9. An American National
10. Anthem
11. (Bonus Track) 59 Chevy

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