Friday, August 14, 2009

Skid Row - 34 Hours (1971)

Skid Row was a band that never really made it to the top, but always had a strong loyal following. The band toured two times in the USA and Europe. In between these tours they released their second and last album, "34 Hours". Indeed, they only needed 34 hours to create this little masterpiece. Brush Shiels used his bass as a melody instrument, inspired by the jazz sounds of Dave Brubeck and Oscar Peterson. On the other hand, Gary Moore was definitely bringing forth the hard rock influences by using such modern technological achievements as wah-wah tricks and reaction coupling.
The music of "34 Hours" was completely different, compared with the debut. There were lots of changes in pace and musical style. One of the most important songs on the album was the straight boogie "Go, I'm Never Gonna Let You Go, Part I" and another one, the mid-tempo slice of country/blues, "Lonesome Still". At this point, Skid Row seemed to be on their way to the top, but during their preparations for the third US tour, Gary Moore decided quit the band and go solo.

Track Listing...
1 Night of the Warm Witch 9:06
2 First Thing in the Morning 1:57
3 Mar 6:35
4 Go, I'm Never Gonna Let You, Pts. 1 & 2 8:51
5 Lonesome Still 3:51
6 The Love Story, Pts. 1-4 5:09
7 Night of the Warm Witch [*] 4:38
8 Mr. De-Luxe [*] 4:13

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