Friday, August 14, 2009

Wind - Seasons (1971)

West Coast 60’s inspired German psych rock band Wind's debut album, "Seasons" is a monster of the genre, for it combines a heavy Stooges rock sound complete with aggressive Iggy Pop-ish vocals, as well as a heavy dose of that Pink Floyd organ atmosphere ala Cirrus Minor.
The album leads off with 'What Do We Do Now', a track combining both of the aforementioned influences, it shifts back and forth between straight forward aggressive rock and dreamy instrumental passages. The next track, "Now It's Over" brings a softer mood to the album; an atmosphere reminiscent of King Crimson's 'I Talk To The Wind'. Following this is the beautiful piano piece 'Romance' which sounds as if it were prepared for a silent film. "Can you see the wind if blowing" asks the powerful chorus of the track 'Springwind". This track teeters between softer verses and explosive choruses and is sure to get your foot a tappin'.
'Dear Little Friend' has a main riff which is sure to remind listeners of Mountain's 'Mississippi Queen', Wind's balls-to-the-wall take on the riff is great. Finally, the album closes with the sixteen-minute 'Red Morningbird'. From its eerie acoustic guitar, vibes and harmonica opening to its equally eerie Cirrus Minor organ sound, to the primal rage Stooges rock, and its Saucerful-esque closing vocal section, this is a powerful track and should be heard.

Track Listing...
01. What Do We Do Now - 8:27
02. Now It's Over - 4:25
03. Romance - 1:34
04. Springwind - 7:10
05. Dear Little Friend - 4:16
06. Red Morningbird - 15:54

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