Friday, August 14, 2009

Skid Row - Skid Row (1970)

Not to be confused with Skid Row of Sebastian Bach of the 80's. Skid Row was formed in Ireland in 1967 by bassist & songwriter Brush Shiels. The band also featured Phil Lynott on vocals, the 17 year old Gary Moore on guitar and Noel Bridgeman on drums. Phil Lynott left after recording the band's debut single, and went on to form Thin Lizzy. The band continued as a trio, with Gary Moore, Brush Shiels & Noel Bridgeman. Eventually, Gary Moore also left, and went on to become one of rock music's most acclaimed guitarists.
From psychedelic-influenced beginnings, the classic Skid Row sound developed as a combination of breezy country ballads, Cream-like heavy blues, angular King Crimson-ish high-volume prog rock and an overriding fascination in finding a Brubeck/Coltrane influenced, rock-based fusion entirely their own.

Track Listing...
01. Mad Dog Woman
02. Virgo's Daughter
03. Heading Home again
04. An Awful lot of Woman
05. Unco-op Showband Blues
06. For those who
07. After I'm Gone
08. The Man who never was
09. Felicity

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