Friday, August 14, 2009

Juan dela Cruz Band - Maskara (1974)

The Juan dela Cruz Band is one of the few less commercialized electric bands in the Philippines, a South East Asia archipelago which claims to have more western-oriented musicians per square mile than any country in the world. The impact of the group in the local hard and mellow rock scene is tremendous , the band was featured in the first open field Rock festival in the Philippines, the “Antipolo Rock Festival”. The bands popularity gained terrific momentum in September of 1971 when it reaped a singular honor in backing up the “Jesus Christ, Superstar” Rock opera production at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). Then in December of the same year, the band garnered it’s crowning glory when again, for the first time in the Philippines, a rock group on it’s own, backed by a full Symphony Orchestra (the National Philharmonic) was presented in concert at the prestigious CCP. No other group in the Philippines gained so much greater heights of success in relativity a very short span of time. The Juan dela Cruz Band now reaches out for a wider international audience."

Track Listing...
1. Maskara
2. Pinoy Blues
3. Nadapa Sa Arina
4. Nakatagong Mata
5. Beep Beep
6. We Love You
7. Pagod Sa Pahinga
8. Rak En Roll Sa Mundo
9. Balong Malalim
10. Palengke
11. Naglalakbay
12. Last Song

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