Friday, August 14, 2009

Totty - Totty (1977)

If you like that heavy guitar sound from the mid '70's then Totty is a must! If you're into bands like Neil Merryweather, Montrose, Nitzinger or Highway Robbery then you will love this cd. "From the blistering Southern rock instrumental opener, 'Thus Saith The Lord', to the final chords of 'Somebody Help Me', this explosive album by the Oklahoma-based Totty brothers simply rocks from beginning to end. Dennis and Byron Totty, supported by a revolving door of drummers, rock their way through 9 self-penned tracks as if they're a major headlining act, instead of an obscure duo from Tulsa whose privately-pressed eponymous album from 1977 enjoyed sales of just 50 copies (the number the brothers reportedly pressed!). Rumour has it that the brothers Totty recorded another album later, but it is only on this stylish debut that we are able to make our judgement. Influences are in abundance, but more often than not it is Led Zeppelin's power R&B that we are reminded of, although Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top also spring easily to mind.

Track Listing...
1-Thus Saith The Lord
2-T-Town Tears
3-Crack In The Cosmic Egg
4-Love Down By One Share
5-I'Ve Done Made Up My Mind
6-Wicked Truth
7-Trying To Forget You
8-Take Me Away Jesus
9-Somebody Help Me

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