Friday, August 14, 2009

Iron Maiden - Maiden Voyage (1969)

Not to be confused with the legendary wrinkly rockers Iron Maiden of the 80's with Steve Harris, but an earlier band from Basildon. Recorded between 1969 and 1970, this - their debut album, is a classic piece of early doom metal progression featuring the spine chilling guitar of Trevor Thoms. Also includes the (at the time) longest single ever and two tracks by Bum!
A welcome reissue. Not the Iron Maiden, but a much more obscure and earlier outfit with the same name. The 'A' side to their sole 45 is a brilliant lengthy guitar-led piece with a solo well beyond the length of a 1970 single.They were known as Burn up until January 1970 and in March of the same year they toured Australia.

Track Listing...

01. Falling - 6.04
02. Ned Kelly - 3.15
03. Liar - 12.21
04. Ritual - 8.47
05. CC Ryder - 6.12
06. Plague - 8.26
07. Ballad Of Martha Kent - 6.50
08. God Of Darkness - 4.18

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