Friday, August 14, 2009

Juan dela Cruz Band - Himig Natin (1973)

One of our great homegrown artist which hit the international scene. The state of Juan Dela Cruz's flux and gradual dissolution led Wally Gonzales to reconvene an all-new powerhouse trio, together with Joey Smith (later a.k.a. "Pepe Smith") as singer-drummer-composer; and with singer-bassist-composer Mike Hanopol. Smith and Hanopol collaborated in Tokyo with Japanese guitarist Shinki Chen in a "free-rock" trio setup called Speed, Glue & Shinki, which had released two seminal albums for Atlantic Records Japan. Rock music historian Julian Cope narrates in his book, Japrocksampler (Bloomsberry, 2007), that Shinki Chen had recruited Joey Smith (and later, Mike Hanopol) from a Filipino rock group called Zero History, which he found performing in Tokyo's mall district. (Wally Gonzales was the guitarist of Zero History.) And thus the vibe of Speed, Glue & Shinky is noteworthy in the earliest contributions of Smith and Hanopol for the Juan Dela Cruz collaboration, especially in the stop-start heaviness of "Take You Home" (revived from the eponymous second album of S,G&S), and the talking blues of "Blues Train".The ensuing album by the iconic trio of Gonzales, Smith & Hanopol, unfurling its masterly title track, Himig Natin (translated in English, "Our Hymn"), went on to become the anthem of Manila's post-hippie culture and underground radio network, particularly the DZRJ-AM Radio show, "Pinoy Rock 'n' Rhythm" --later on shortened to Pinoy Rock. "Himig Natin" famously rallied Pinoy Rock, which swelled into a movement and provided indicators of its yet-unrealized commercial fuel. The social impact and innovations of the Juan Dela Cruz Band inadvertently became the catalyst for the inception of Original Pilipino Music (OPM) and the viability for diverse, originally-authored musical genres to emerge and thrive in the Philippines.

Track Listing...
1. Take You Home.
2. I Wanna Say Yeah.
3. Round And Round.
4. Blues Train.
5. Rock And Roll Sa Ulan.
6. Shake Your Brains.
7. Mamasyal Sa Filipinas.
8. Big Boss Man.
9. Himig Natin.

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