Thursday, August 13, 2009

Andromeda - Andromeda (1969)

Andromeda is a spectacular band. Despite being a forgotten band from the late 60's, the most amazing thing upon first listen is just how GREAT the songs are. The band felt like they wanted to take the Hollies vocal style and combine it with some extremely heavy blues rock and psychedelic elements, and it works pretty darn well.
The vocal melodies are quite catchy and the guitar playing is always top notch, and the rhythm section sounds really cool when the band wants to jam out a little out (though most of the time Andromeda kept things relatively straight forward, there are some jamming sections on this collection).
I wish more people were aware of this great album. Just because it's not popular doesn't mean it's no good- that's absolutely NOT true in this case. Andromeda will be remembered for those lucky enough to listen to this collection of songs. There really aren't any weak moments. They probably would have become a classic band had they continued to stick around.

Track Listing...
01 Too Old - 5.00
02 Day of The Change - 5.04
03 And Now the Sun Shines - 4.01
04 Turn to Dust - 6.52
05 Return to Sanity - 8.22
06 The Reason - 3.33
07 I Can Stop the Sun - 2.10
08 When to Stop - 8.43
09 Go Your Way (Bonus) - 3.05
10 Keep Out Cos I´m Dying (Bonus) - 3.47
11 The Garden of Happiness (Bonus) - 3.13
12 Return to Exodus (Bonus) - 2.28
13 Let´s All Watch the Sky Fall Down (Bonus) - 4.04
14 Darkness of Her Room (Bonus) - 5.12
15 See Into the Stars (Bonus) - 7.15
16 Search On (Bonus) - 3.09

Part 1
Part 2

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