Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mayblitz - Mayblitz (1970)

This english trio (guitar/bass/drums) really shows of some incredible musicianship. Good early 70's heavy rock with some different musical influences in their songs. I like early 70's hard rock, but not when it gets too plain and bluesy. I was afraid that this would be the case with May Blitz. Too much blues rock a la CREAM or other bands. But even though the limited instrumentation here, May Blitz really puts forth and gets the most and best out of their instruments and arrangements. At a first listen of this album you might feel you want more time changes, more shifting time signatures, but in the end and after repeated listens, you will realize that this album is good the way it is. Hard rock with lots of different influences.

Track Listing...
1 Smoking the Day Away 8:21
2 I Don't Know? 4:45
3 Dreaming 6:35
4 Squeet 6:51
5 Tomorrow May Come 4:46
6 Fire Queen 4:18
7 Virgin Waters 6:34

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