Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wilkinson Tri-Cycle - Wilkinson Tri-Cycle (1969)

Wilkinson Tri-Cycle combined a more melodic approach with flashes of heavy rock. They had the power behind them but were more prone to take excursions into psychedelic imagery and softer moments of balladry. Again the touch of Schatz and Schlaks can be heard in the production on this, the band's sole album. Taking their hand at blues classics like "Leaving Trunk", made famous by the great Taj Mahal, they handle them skill but not necessarily ingenuity. The variety of the album works well together, never really rutting into one sound for too long but keeping consistent through the ever-present blues rumble of David Mello's leads. A thoroughly enjoyable listen, though not necessarily a lost classic.

Track Listing...
1. What of I?
2. Leavin' Trunk
3. David's Rush
4. Pourscha Poe
5. Antique Locomotives
6. 9-5, '59
7. I Like Your Company
8. Yellow Wall

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