Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wildfire - Smokin' (1971)

From the opening echoed growl of the guitar intro to Stars In The Sky through the ten minute plus jam in Quicksand at the end of side two, this record sits toward the top of the pile of lost-in-time U.S. West Coast psychedelic hard rock privately pressed albums. It was originally issued in a plain sleeve with a sticker on the front. Only four or five copies of the original issue, which was made for demo purposes, are known to exist. Thankfully a good quality reissue is now available so all fans of the genre can check it out.

Track Listing...

1.Stars in the Sky(5:44)
2.Down to Earth(4:33)
3.Time Will Tell(3:10)
4.Don’t Look For Me(6:28)
6.What Have I Got Now(3:21)
7.Let It Happen(3:07)

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