Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mayblitz - The 2nd of May (1971)

Well, this second album is a truly wonderful followup to their debut. Parts of this album is jazzier than before, showing the jazz influence of Tony Newman's drumming. But of course the bluesy psychedelic hard rock is still there, and in fact many of the songs are even heavier than on their debut.Unfortunately The 2nd of May proved to be May Blitz's final album. The band broke up because of lack of success, while their labelmates Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep had became hugely successful (despite neither of them exactly the darling of rock critics). The two Canadian guys seemed to have dropped out of music altogether (one report stated they returned to Canada, and I'm guessing back to their day jobs), and Tony Newman went on to other things like Three Man Army, Boxer and an in-demand studio musician (has played with Marc Bolan, Chris Spedding, David Bowie, even Whitesnake). Aside from the drum solo on "In Parts", this is a truly excellent album for those who like that bluesy hard rock/psychedelic with some prog trappings.
Track Listing...
1. For Mad Men Only (4:16)
2. Snakes And Ladders (4:42)
3. The 25Th Of December 1969 (3:12)
4. In Part (6:10)
5. 8 Mad Grim Nits (4:33)
6. High Beech (5:02)
7. Honey Coloured Time (4:13)
8. Just Thinking (5:12)

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