Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tyburn Tall - Tyburn Tall (1972)

Tyburn Tall is a german heavy progressive album in 1972.
If you claim yourself as a krautrock eager, then you must hear this gem. If your ears are interacted with organ frenzy, this one is a must. This is comparable with king krauter Amon Duul II’s Tanze der Lemmings, Yeti and Wolf City or Colosseum complexity; this is solid progressive. Imagine, Amon Duul II or Colosseum plays at their most dynamic and skillful stuff on entire album with only 5 personnel. Blending classical aggressiveness, organ orgasm, majestic high-pitch falsetto vocal, haphazard emotions and rock penetration. All songs are terrific; no unprog shit, no time-wasting ballad intermezzo. This album is crazy as hell. One of Deutsch great obscurity in rock n prog passage.

Track Listing...
1 War Game 13:07
2 In the Heart of the Cities (Broken People) 10:35
3 I Am Amercian Too 5:24
4 Strange Days Hiding 17:09
5 Lost Angeles [Bonus Track] 6:22
6 Bring Out Your Dead [Bonus Track] 4:19

Download links
Part 1
Part 2

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